DILLEN is the collaboration of mother-daughter duo Jan Carlson and Jordan Carlson Dillenberg. A jewelry design house with a focus on precision like craftsmanship, DILLEN offers a classic, effortless perspective on jewelry. We believe that jewelry should not only possess style, but also have meaning and significance. Our signature brass and silver bangles maintain the essence of a solid, skillfully built, and timeless piece of jewelry. 

DILLEN was born out of the remarkable bond, and love between mother and daughter.  Throughout Jordan’s childhood, Jan and Jordan were inseparable; traveling from coast to coast showing their beloved horses. In her early motherhood, Jan Carlson was diagnosed with breast cancer. Throughout her 14-year battle, she found solace in design, specifically jewelry. With an arsenal of talent and experience, Jan peaked the interest of Jordan’s future in design. With over twenty plus years of design experience, specifically jewelry, DILLEN aims to infuse symbolic motifs and the notation of a truly timeless collection with a slight edge. If it weren’t evidence enough, this brand is not just about designing beautiful jewelry; Jan and Jordan strive to create a deeper meaning behind every piece as well as share in the joy of their remarkable mother daughter relationship and collaboration.